Circulation Policy | Internet Access Policy | Library Loan Policy | Youth Policy


Circulation Policy

Books: Patrons may check out an unlimited number of books, but may not check out all of the library’s books on a given subject without the Director’s permission. Books are due in two weeks.

Audio books: Patrons may check out the audio books on the same basis as books.

DVDs: Patrons may check out up to six DVDs. DVDs are due in one week. DVD sets are due in two weeks. Children under the age of 18 need a parent’s permission to check out R-rated movies.

Interlibrary loans: ILLs will be made at the discretion of the librarians and subject to the availability of the requested materials (there is no charge for this service).


Internet Access Policy

Public access: Four public access computers are available to library patrons and visitors. After registering for a computer at the front desk, patrons may use the computer for a thirty-minute time slot. Patrons may use the computer for longer if other users are not waiting. Headphones are available at the front desk.

WiFi access: Library visitors and patrons with personal computers may access the library’s WiFi. This public access is open (unsecured) and free to all visitors and patrons.

Youth Access: Children under 18 years old need to have written permission on file from a parent or guardian.


Library Loan Policies

Print material and audio books

  • Check out period: 2 weeks
  • Renewable if not on hold

DVDs and DVD sets

  • Check out period for DVDs: 1 week
  • Check out period for DVD sets: 2 weeks
  • Lost or damaged case: $3.00 (covers cost of case and fee to re-catalog)
  • Renewable if not on hold

Replacement fees for lost and damaged items

Patrons are responsible for the cost of the item to be replaced. Lost or damaged DVD cases are assessed an additional $3.00 fee.


To reserve an item, please use our online system to look up items and place holds. Contact a librarian for more information.


Youth Policy

The responsibility for a child’s selection of library materials, as well as the child’s permission to use the library’s computer facilities, rests with the child’s parent or guardian and not with the library. The library staff, however, will be happy to help parents and children with book selection if requested.